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Rocks Community Garden is a community of people interested in:-

growing healthy organic food

learning together

sharing ideas

Rocks Community Garden is a voluntary group that is focused on the production and harvesting of crops using sustainable principles and organic techniques, and fostering community in the process.  We are located within the Rocks Riverside Park in the suburbs of Brisbane. Visitors are always welcome. A group of members regularly meet at the garden Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning around 8 to 11 am if you would like to visit us and have a look around.  Click - How to Find Us

Our Calendar

Take a sneek peek around the garden!

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Today's Blackboard

What to plant in autumn in Brisbane?

This illustration by Lis Gillet, a local artist, provides some great suggestions of vegetables that are suitable for growing at this time of the year.

Our Current Project : Garden Borders

The Children's Garden

The children's garden is up and running.  Feel free to bring your kids in for a play.  They can dig, plant seeds, plant seedlings, weed, water....  Beware they may get dirty!

Look at the amazing growth over the last few weeks.

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Rocks Community Garden is on Mudlo Bundambah where the Yuggera people have altered and farmed the landscape to feed themselves sustainably for countless generations