Some interesting plants in the garden

Makrut Lime

A Makrut Lime, a lime with an interesting skin!

Dragon Fruit

The Dragon Fruit flowering in February.

Picking the Fruit : 30 days after flowering

Ivy Removal

One of our Rocks Community Garden members, Kanti, has been removing Ivy from the fenceline. Ivy looks like a beautiful plant and it produces a tasty edible gourd (fantastic when pickled) but it is classified as a weed in Brisbane. It can become invasive very quickly and difficult to bring under control.

Saba Nut Tree (or Malabar Chestnut Tree)

Our Saba Nut tree flowers in February. It is a most unusual but delightful flower. We look forward to the edible nuts that will form.

There are many options for preparing the nuts to be eaten including raw, roasted, ground...

The rare fruit club has lots of interesting information about the tree and its nut.


One of our members is experimenting with Lablab. It is a plant with the appearance similar to the common pea which is apparently a delicacy worth growing and eating.