Friends of the Garden


A Friend of RCG will be added to a mailing list, emailed and invited to members’ events, workshops and any special events held within the RCG. They are welcome to come and work with current members or help with our community tasks.


Some people are interested in volunteering in the garden without the responsibility of their own plot. This could involve assisting in a member's garden plot, working in a common area of the garden, art work, sweeping, tidying and cleaning common areas...


What we plant, we eat!

Visitors are welcome to come and visit and explore the garden when the gate is open. We ask that you respect the hard work of our plot owners and only pick or remove produce if you have the permission of the plot owner.

Every path has a puddle and a snake or two!

Children are welcome. Please ensure appropriate footwear and supervision at all times.

Dogs are permitted on a leash and under supervision at all times.