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Cr Sarah Hutton

Sarah is a very big supporter of Rocks Community Garden.

She has assisted in many ways.  She recently provided assistance for the annual calendar. 

One Little Heart Foundation - The Defibrillator

Quite recently, John and Marg Boland were discussing safety in general with Alie and the question arose about the availability of an AED   (Automated External Defibrillator) unit for our members in the potentially serious event of someone having a heart problem while at the garden. There is no AED in the Park, and it was agreed to approach Cr Sarah Hutton’s office for assistance in acquiring an AED unit.

John sought the assistance of Belinda at the Ward office, and she suggested contacting Amy at One Little Heart. Amy is a full-time paramedic, and she has taken on the role of obtaining funding to buy AED’s and then place them in the best community locations. One Little Heart was started by Amy, to raise awareness and funds for more AEDs through unique fundraising and book sales. Amy has written an amazing book about paramedics for children.

Greg Page, the Yellow Wiggle, whose life was saved by an AED being available, when he had a heart attack on stage in 2020, started the charity Heart of the Nation, specifically to put GPS tracked AEDs into the community.

After explaining the situation at RCG, John was able to confirm that Amy would allocate a new AED to RCG. It is on the basis that it is available to others such as the Park Run organisers and it will be registered with Queensland Ambulance so they can direct people needing an AED in the Park to our location. Both organisations will be given the code to unlock the gate and shed, where the unit is located on the wall, just inside the door. Sheena at the coffee wagon, will also have the code in case someone nearby needs the AED. In time we will let the BCC staff working in the park, how to access the AED. Signs will be placed on the shed, at the front gate and at the end of the garden near the toilet block.

Amy visited us with the AED and its location agreed to. John has fitted the cabinet inside the main tool shed. The general safety instructions are on a sign attached to the outside of the shed and specific instructions for the AED attached to the AED unit. It is a fully automatic unit with an inbuilt speaker to tell you what is happening and what to do. The basic instruction is to call 000, start CPR, then press the button on the AED and attach the two leads as shown on the diagram. The leads are included in the AED and

found by pulling the tag at the bottom of the unit.

The AED cabinet has an alarm that sounds when the cabinet is opened, and it stops when the door is closed. The AED unit has an inbuilt GPS tracking device that will activate if it is moved from the cabinet. Both John and Alie will have their mobile numbers registered to receive location changes and updates for the AED.

The organisation, Heart of the Nation will supply us with replacement pads after every use and provide any additional signs that we may need.

We are planning a demonstration and training session at the AGM.

Amy will be present, and Tony has also offered to provide training as needed. We hope that our members support this initiative and recognise the benefit of having a life saving device close by and available to the community near us.

 I am sure that you join us in sincerely thanking Amy from One Little Heart for providing us with the AED. We also appreciate the help provided by Belinda and Cr Sarah Hutton.

Huge thanks to John for taking the initiative to follow this through for us all