Around the Garden

The 2022 Christmas Party

Lots of scarecrows are currently popping up in the garden! 

We had a fantastic Working Bee on Saturday 25th June  - lots achieved with enthusiasm and laughter.

Lots of interesting discussion and information sharing at our July community meeting. From worm farming,  food forest planning to preserving ginger and tumeric and growing and cooking Lablab beans.  Our members are an amazing resource of information.

One of our members  and her chokos.

Harvesting galangal ( rose ginger). It was tough to get the fragrant rhizomes but we have lots enthusiasm and fun! Great in Tom yum soup, Laksa and Galangal Chicken! Fresh is best. Dried ones tend to give a bitter taste to your cooking.

Our June 2022 Community Meeting

The Rocks Community Garden has three major aims


We discussed practical suggestions to help us improve in any of these areas.

3. How can we help you/us GROW our interactions with the COMMUNITY?

Succulent shoe shuffle

Rocks Community Garden is just too cool! Succulent Shoe Shuffle! Grab a pair of old shoes (or maybe even one odd shoe), fill with succulent style potting mix, plant some scrumptious succulents in them, and drop off to RCG. You will see them in a glorious display very, very soon! Non garden members are most welcome to participate! 

Beautiful flowers around the garden

April 2022 Community Meeting

A very big thank you to the Australian Gardener for donating some fantastic garden tools and aprons at our last group meeting.

After the floods of 2022

There was lots of activity in the garden after all the rain. The plants have been powering along with huge growth producing some incredible produce.  We didn't sustain too much damage in the floods but the garden was left waterlogged and untidy.  It is amazing what a difference many hands can make! Thank you.

Members and friends of Rocks Community Garden will be pleased to know that our garden was not significantly impacted by the recent floods in South East Queensland.  Plenty of rain fell out of the sky (80% of Brisbane's annual rainfall in 48 hours) and the water rose up to the edge of the eastern boundary of our garden but very fortunately we did not go under water.  Large areas of the Rocks Riverside Park around us were inundated with flood water, sadly with some damage, landslips and debris left behind. Both the parkland and our garden are open again. It is exciting to see the extra growth and beautiful flowers after all the rain.

Weed removal

Our 2022 AGM

Great reports, discussion and food at our February 2022 AGM

Community Meeting

An informative community meeting is held Sunday morning once or twice a month.

Food forest with many food bearing trees including:-


Lemons, Limes



Paw Paw

Dragon Fruit


We make our own compost

Working Bee 

At our working bee on 31st December we laid mulch along the front fence. Mike, at 88 years of age, was in charge.  The final result looks fantastic.

We rely on the bees to do their work

It won't be long before the Dragon Fruit form!

Not quite right

Sometimes our vegetables may not look like the ones in the supermarket but ours always taste better! They have been grown organically in wonderful rich soil without chemicals.

Students Visit

We had a visit from some students from Centenary State High School.  The students volunteered their time to assist with projects in the garden.

Spring Social event in the garden

A visit to the garden from the Redlands Organic Growers and the Indooroopilly Gardening Club

Fun was had by all at our annual Christmas Party.  There was yummy food, secret santa (all presents recycled and a recipe from the heart), jokes, live music performances and much more.

Our January 2024 AGM

Our March 2024 Project : New Garden Borders

Our May Community Meeting : Cooking with our harvest

Our Soup Festival : Welcome Winter 2024

Bruce Paige from Channel 9 News visited our garden on Monday 10th June.  If you look at the news on Friday or Sunday night's you may see Catherine, Mike or Charles being interviewed about the benefits of belonging to a community garden.