Membership Information


Membership is open to anyone who supports the basic philosophy of our community garden.

Why get involved?

It is a great way to gather and share experience and knowledge about growing food. We work together to provide a safe, welcoming place for people to learn about and grow produce as well as strengthening community spirit through sharing.

People with little or no experience are welcome to join and learn.

Levels of membership

  • Full membership with an individual allocated plot

  • Associate membership with access to the common areas of the garden but no allocated plot

  • Friends of RCG who keep in touch via email


$100 per year for a large plot 6 x 3 metres

$50 per year for a smaller plot 3 x 3 metres

$25 per year for Associate Membership - for people who wish to be a member of RCG with access to the common garden areas but not be allocated an individual plot

No cost to become a Friend of RCG - for people who wish to keep in touch and receive our regular emails

There is currently a waiting list for a individual plot.

Community responsibilities?

All members are expected to take responsibility for some aspect of the community garden. This could be:-

weeding common areas

caring for the worm farm


sweeping and cleaning

food forest maintenance

art work


We are a team of equals!